The village of Lopar on Rab Island is on a peninsula full of small bays and 22 sandy beaches. The most famous beach is the aptly named Paradise Beach, arguably one of the best beaches in Croatia. The sand is fine and copious along the 1 1/2km long Crnika bay making it a true paradise for young, inexperiened swimmers and devoted sunbathers. The bay is so shallow that you have to walk 100m before the water rises more than a half meter.

On the island of Rab, ten kilometers from the town of Rab and 2 km from the nearest place Barbat, Pudarica beach has a superb beach club named Santos, open all night. It is Rab's first beach club and the right place for anyone seeking good time and parties. Soon after opening it became one of the hottest place on Croatia's coast.
Only 10 meters form the sea, well fitted into the nature, mostly natural materials (wood, stone, litter) are used in club's decoration.
During day club offers lounge bar, after beach parties, happy hour, beach volleyball, and during the night transforms to a hot night club where guests can dance on multi level dance floor or in the pool, they can sit in bamboo chairs or take a rest lying further away from loud trendy music. Of course night programs include different events such as photo shootings, drinks, cocktails and other promotions, live performances, go-go dancers, resident and international DJ's.
Pudarica can be reached by car or by a bus operating from Rab town every hour after 10pm until morning.

The crystal clear adriatic Sea laps the unspoilt and diverse shores of the island that make the whole island a unique seaside resort. The island offers a beach to everyone s taste: rocky beach, peble beach and sandy beaches like a famous "Paradise beach" at the Lopar holiday resort.
Lopar is a picturesque tourist place, the furthermost village on the island, situated in a fertile valley approximately 14 km away from the old town of Rab.
Lopar's 2km long sandy Paradise Beach (Rajska plaza) is one of the most famous beaches on the Adriatic. The finest of sand, shallow, crystal clear and warm sea water (up to 28°C in the Summer months), the greenest pine forest which offers protection and shade are surely just some of the reasons why numerous guests are attracted. Due to the shallow sea level, the beach is perfect for inferior swimmers, children and elderly people. Near the beach there is San Marino hotels village and the biggest camping on the island, as well as many private apartments to rent.
Sandy shallow waters are long and it takes about 500 m until the sea comes half the waist of an adult on this, in summer quite crowded beach. In the vicinity there is a large sports centre containing a variety of playing fields and courts (tennis, football, basketball, volleyball), minigolf, table tennis, water slide and a variety of other water sports activities. The beach has restaurants, bars, life-guards, life-saving equipment, first-aid equipment, facilities for the disabled, rental facilities, recycable waste facilities, catering facilities, phones, etc. The life-guards are present from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
The beach has been honored by Blue Flag award.
A short walk from Lopar there are other sandy beaches, some of them used by naturists, with Sahara, Ciganka and Stolac being the most beautiful and popular.

Lopar is the northernmost place on the island and is the furthermost from the town of Rab (13 km). As a natural phenomenon, Lopar is a famous resort with twenty-two sandy beaches, shallow water suitable for small children, non-swimmers, older persons and persons suffering from rheumatism. Of the twenty-two beaches, three are nudists: Stolac, Sahara and Ciganka, close to the hotel complex San Marino, auto camp and many private accommodations. Sahara is one of the most beautiful beaches in general, not only among nude ones. There is a beautiful sand, shallow see and nice rocks on the sides. The remote location of the beach means, that there are very few people there and no facilities. During summer a small shop-boat regularly visit this beach with fruits and cold refreshments. Above the beach there is a nice hill with a beautiful view.
The beach can be reached only by foot or by a boat. By foot it is a 20-30 minutes walk over the hill from Lopar. Woody hill above Lopar is a good place for walking and mountain-biking and there are signs showing the way to Sahara and other beaches. But your best bet is to rent a small motor boat or a small inflatable motor boat (dinghie) in Lopar and sail your way to Sahara.


On the island everyone can find a beach to your taste:Rocky in the west,the eastern pebble or sand beaches in the north of the island.

The most popular beaches on the island are:Paradise beach ,in Mel Kamporu,Sv.Mara,Pudarica,Gonar,Sahara,Frkanj Čifnata,Matovica,Gipsy Carolina and many others.For those who love peace and solitude are particularly interesting bay on a wooded peninsula Kalifrant.Stay on these beaches is unforgettable , with one side gravel,stone and green on the other blue Adriatic.

Rab has excellent conditions for beach volleyball.We emphasize the great sandy beach where tournaments are held,such as Mel in Kampor,Paradise beach il Lopar(where every year maintain one of the Croatian championship tournament)



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